Can we choose the music?

Due to copyright laws I am unable to use commercial or chart music within the videos I produce. 


I pay music licensing sites that I will use to choose the songs for your video. If having a choice of the music is important to you I can send you a playlist of songs to choose from. 

Can we have the raw footage?

In its raw format, the footage I take throughout the day is not much use to you.


On average I can come away with over 300 individual clips, usually between 3-5 seconds in length that I painstakingly go through and build a story out of to ensure that only the best clips make it into the final videos. 

If raw footage is required we can provide you with a complete video using the entire raw footage taken on the day. See prices page for further information


As part of the base packages above you will essentially get me from bride prep until around 1 hour or so after the first dance. As a single shooter I'm unable to cover both Bride and Groom prep if they're taking place at separate locations. If having Groom prep within the video is important to you and you're getting ready at separate locations I'm able to offer a 2nd shooter option ensuring that you have both covered within the video

How and when do we pay?

To secure your booking I take a £200 booking fee and the remaining amount is due 4 weeks out from your wedding date.